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Denny Solorzano
Market Manager
"It wasn’t until after I officially resigned my last job my new offer was rescinded. My anxiety kicked into overdrive. Immediately I contacted my Career Coach, Coach Lai. Coach reminded of all the work we had done to establish my professional network and how important activation would be during unprecedented times. She was right! With a few phones calls and email exchanges my network was aware that I was actively seeking employment. A former colleague shared a career opportunity that aligned perfectly with my career aspirations. I of course expressed interest in the role and was immediately considered a top candidate. After a series of interviews, I was selected and hired for the role. This role not only aligned with my career aspirations but paid me $40K more. The invaluable networking strategies I learned from Coach Lai forced me step up my career game."
"Starting a business can pose its share of challenges. Accessibility to the right resources was my biggest challenge. Knowing who to go to and for what was a thorn in my side. I hate to admit it but I’ve wasted thousands of dollars not knowing who and where to go. This was very frustrating as a business owner. I was determined to overcome this obstacle. I did, I enrolled in the Six Figure Networker course and it literally felt like I struck gold! I was able to secure top talent for my internet radio interviews. While it may sound easy, it isn’t. Learning how to craft my message and attract people of interest for my audience was so much simpler after learning how to successfully network."
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